Showroom New York

Anomaly Jewelry was just accepted into Showroom New York (an exclusive showroom for New York City designers)!

I don't know what else to say here. Help a girl out.


Check out a couple of new earrings just made and listed on Etsy.

I cast the baby fang tooth from my now 7 year old chihuahua named Pony to make these delicate and ferocious earrings.

The second new piece is titled "Tied Up Post Earrings".

Hope you like them!


Zodiac: Killer!

Here's our most recently finished collection from late '08 all in one place. This collection began when we made the baby for Scorpio (little girl with lobster arms/scorpion arms). Without any intention of more baby zodiacs, people started begging for their own signs. Anomaly buckled and now we have all 12 months represented. The Zodiac Kidz are all on our site for your buying pleasure.