New cute animal jewelry

Here's a sneak peek at what's new for anomaly in '09: a collection that includes the most adorable motley crew of animals ever.

  • New Tiny (and very reasonably priced!) Fawn - Very similar to our Standing Fawn, but posed differently, sized differently and priced differently!
  • Swans In Love - just in time for Valentine's Day!! Almost too cute
  • Squirrel & Acorn - We are surrounded by them at Anomaly Jewelry's home base in NYC. Rather than think of them as pests, Anomaly chooses to glorify them in silver and gold-plated silver!
  • Pig Head - Just 'cause.
All of these can be found and purchased on www.AnomalyJewelry.etsy.com. In about a week they will also be listed on our regular website www.anomalyjewelry.com.


Invade My Privacy

Here's an inside look at what we surround ourselves with in the studio. Happy snooping...


Anomaly celebrity sightings

Actress, comedian and Air America talk show host Janeane Garofalo is apparently a fan of Anomaly's jewels. She purportedly owns every deer related piece available according to a reliable source (Peggy, the owner of East Village jewelry boutique The Shape of Lies)! Here's a photo of her enjoying the huge sitting fawn necklace.

Anomaly Jewelry is featured in its first rock video!!

The artist is Lenka and the song is “The Show”. Look for the Huge Sitting Fawn Necklace in the scene where she is riding her bicycle. Also look for the Rhinestone Cowboy earrings she wears in her date scene (through many scenes until she brushes her teeth).
What an adorable song and video. Check it out here (YouTube won't allow me to embed it in this post).

Lenka wears Anomaly jewelry’ s Antlered Deer Necklace on the late show with Craig Ferguson while she plays “The Show”. Seems like we have a fan in Lenka (or Lenka’s stylist!).

More rock and tillers who like to wear anomaly: CYNDI LAUPER!! She was on ABC's "The View" in June '08. Check out her earrings. They are from our Le Tusk Collection (now retired). Here’s her interview with Whoopi:

...and here on some British The View-like show:

As well as the same pair of Le Tusk Earrings (apparently a fave of hers) here on "Jimmy Kimmel Live":