New Jewels!!

    A few new jewels have been added to both the web shop and Etsy shop. Unicornicopia is a new collection in and of itself and I will be adding new pieces to it over the next few months. There's also new additions to the Adorable and Fawn Collections. Check it:

                                                                      Bird Bracelet
                                                                     Tattoed Unicorn
                                                                  Fawnicorn Earrings
                                                                   Leopard Bracelet


MERMAID PARADE Coney Island 2014

Everything about Coney Island appeals to me. Beaches, babes, fast rides and freaks. It's  a kind of perfect place and I get so fucking pumped every time I go there. One of the best times of my summer is the Mermaid Parade.  The creativity that goes into the costume and float making is mind blowing and inspiring.  I am passing on the tradition of yearly attendance and dress up to my offspring. My daughter, Lulu is 4 and loves dressing up. She is the perfect canvas. My son, Rocky is less pumped so I keep his costume simple. Here they are in the final product and then finally at the Parade.

before the parade photo shoot

My husband

marching in the parade