Anomaly Loves

    It was love at first site when I saw the "Oddities" collection of artist Debra Broz.  I have been playing around with mismatched species in my jewelry for years so seeing a fellow artist doing the same in a different medium gets me really pumped.  Check out her amazing statues below. Other collections on her site are equally exciting so do go to her site.


I'm Back!

  This is my first blog entry post partum.  Since this blog is NOT about motherhood or babies I will forewarn you that this post is kinda about both.  This is what it looks like these days when I get a second or two to sit down in my studio:

When I took this photo I intended the focus to be how I had a baby strapped onto me.  After looking at it I only see what a huge mess my work space is.  It's one of those messes that are in complete order to me and only me.

  And here is a picture of the little man we made. He is a tough guy. And his  name is Simon Rocky Yost.  My 3 1/2 year old kid Lulu chose his middle name. It suits him so well that we all just call him Rocky.