I have been working hard on finishing up 3 new pieces for the shop. I have also been working hard on finishing inventory for a big sale I will be doing on Fab.com.  I will post about all those things when they are noteworthy. I only mention it all for a lead in to this post where I am showing something not jewelry related at all. It is the project I did with my daughter to escape jewelry for a moment and just be creative. We made hair accessories!!
    I scored this big pile of sequins at a recent flea market adventure and they turned out to be perfect for our endeavor.

If you live in NYC a great place to get both beads and the hair clips you see above (not the bell or deer and tool on top of the clips) is Beads World.


Anomaly Loves

Paul Chiappe is one of those artists that make art I wish I had made. I am so into him right now and I think it is quite befitting seeing as though Halloween is soon approaching. He makes tiny drawings based on vintage photographs. So gorgeous and spooky, I can't wait to stare up close at his artwork when it next comes to NYC. 

all images copyright Paul Chiappe



                                                               O C T O B U C K !!!

    I've been working on the multitude of suction cups on this deer all summer long and finally finished last week.  The mold was made last week and this is the very first casting of our new charm.  He will be a necklace and a part of the Anomalies collection. I will have the first pieces up for sale in the next couple of weeks and I will announce the arrival on both Facebook and the blog.


In Progress

This is the wax model of the newest unicorn that will grace Anomaly's collection of jewels. She's not quite finished as I have to do some last touches to make her as perfect as possible before I cast a mold from her. I am super excited to debut her in a few weeks. I will certainly post the final product when I have the necklace completed.


In Progress

    I gave a sneak peak of this perfect abalone shell bat charm a little while ago.  I have come a  lot closer to finding the perfect way to showcase this perfect charm.  Here's a look at the components I will most probably be using.
    The black beads are made of facet cut onyx. The blue star is the wax model I am carving that will be used to make a mold for a metal charm. I AM GETTING REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE!! It should be up in the shop in around a month. I will definitely be giving it a loud debut so stay tuned!!