New Birdie FINISHED!! Here's a pic of the bird I have been working on done in metal. This one is brass on a gunmetal chain. I will be getting these guys up for sale on Etsy and my Webshop next week. In brass they will be $140. 


                                              MOTHER'S DAY
                                SALE 25% OFF
Use coupon code: payback   at checkout and get 25% off everything! And you might want to get a momma something, too.  Sale ends May 3rd. May 2nd is the last day to order to ensure arrival by Mother's Day. Here's a quick link to our Motherlode Collection.


     Hello hello! Wow, 2 years fly by when you are the one not posting on your own blog. Well, what really happened was that I had my first kid 2 years ago and boy do they take up time. Blogging was the first thing to go but now that Lulu (my kid) is way more self sufficient I have more time for Anomaly and THE BLOGGING HAS RETURNED! I will be trying to post a few times a week about all things Anomaly including important stuff like new jewelry on our website and what sales are coming up. There will also be talk of other jewelers I love, running a small business, a look inside my studio and the craft of jewelry, my private collection of jewelry, and Anomaly jewelry in progress among other things.
     I will start with a small peak inside my studio. This is the upper left hand corner of the main worktable in my space.