metal studio at Buck's Rock camp

  This is where my education and love of metalworking all began.  It is the metal studio at Buck's Rock camp.  I went here starting at 12 and stopped only after having taught as a counselor myself 7 years later.  This weekend was the 70th Reunion of the camp and I went back to celebrate the place that gave me most of what I hold dear today.  I will refrain from a diatribe wherein I discuss how my camp was the best camp with the best people and best activities. But I will ask you this- did your camp let you handle a blowtorch at 12 years old and provide you with the education for your carreer?
soldering table
    I noticed something else upon my return to the metal studio for the first time since being a kid. It is better equipped than my own studio.  Check out a bit of the shop's setup.
hammering and buffing areas
Camper's work
Thank you endlessly for everything, Buck's Rock.


In Progress

Here's what I'm up to in the studio these days. That pile of castings is the beginning of my production work for a sale I am having on Fab.com in October. I will let you know the details of the sale when it is closer to the sale itself. My dog, Pony, inserted himself in the photo shoot for today's blog post and he quickly took the spotlight.


photo by Professor Gary Greenberg
I found this photo and loved that each piece of sand is worthy of its own setting in a piece of jewelry. SAND! It only looks this amazing magnified 250 times, of course.  You can read the original article here.


I spent some time over the fourth making these one of a kind B.F.F. (best friends forever) bracelets for my daughter and myself.  They took forever to make and I relished every last minute. This is mostly because I rarely have time to lose myself in creating new things these days.  I am either taking care of my kid or doing production work for Anomaly Jewelry.  While I enjoy both of those things they are totally different tasks than making something new.  Here's a couple more shots of the bracelets.



Happy Fourth of July, people! We are celebrating by going to the beach. Oh, and by having a 35% OFF sale. Just use the coupon code: fourth  at checkout at either our online shop or our Etsy shop.  Good from July 4th-July 6th.  Enjoy! 

Karen Yost
Owner, designer, maker of Anomaly Jewelry


Being my daughter has some perks when it comes to accessories. My daughter, Lulu had a birthday party to go to and I decided she needed a necklace and headband to complete the outfit. So the morning of the party I made her the following:
chalcedony necklace on hot pink satin necklace

feather and pearls headband