R.I.P. Bea Arthur

I was supposed to put that post up weeks ago and never got to it as I got knocked up by my husband (on purpose) and have been practically bedridden with morning sickness. Quite sadly as many of you know, during this time Bea Arthur passed away. I am only one of the hundred of thousands of bereft fans. Now I have more than one reason to wear my Dorothy necklace. That is, to glorify AND commemorate. With this sad news I bring the happy news of the premiere of Anomaly’s new collection THE GIRLS.

The Girls

I have had a life long obsession with the 80’s program The Golden Girls. If you have not seen it, you MUST as it is timeless. It is on the WE Channel from 5- 8pm (a veritable marathon of the GIRLS). So, in order to get my fix and pay a little homage to the fabulous women who made the Golden Girls possible, I am currently working on a collection called “The Girls”. It has crests beholding each of the ladies’ faces and names on the show (AND STAN!!!). I have meticulously carved each of their faces in wax (see photos) with ornate decorations surrounding them. I did this with the pin you see sitting beside them. There will be banners declaring their names running across each crest. I can’t tell you how excited I am about these new pieces and I will announce with pride to you all once they are finished.

Itty Bitty Collection

So my favorite part of owning and operating a jewelry business is MAKING the jewelry for the first time. I have just finished the newest collection of jewels for Anomaly in the springtime. The collection is called Itty Bitty and was made for the frugal. They are little in size but huge in spirit. Behold:


New addition to the Fawn Collection

There's a new addition to the Fawn collection! I just made these Fawn stud earrings to round out the necklace-heavy collection. You can get them on my website soon and on Etsy now.

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