The Girls

I have had a life long obsession with the 80’s program The Golden Girls. If you have not seen it, you MUST as it is timeless. It is on the WE Channel from 5- 8pm (a veritable marathon of the GIRLS). So, in order to get my fix and pay a little homage to the fabulous women who made the Golden Girls possible, I am currently working on a collection called “The Girls”. It has crests beholding each of the ladies’ faces and names on the show (AND STAN!!!). I have meticulously carved each of their faces in wax (see photos) with ornate decorations surrounding them. I did this with the pin you see sitting beside them. There will be banners declaring their names running across each crest. I can’t tell you how excited I am about these new pieces and I will announce with pride to you all once they are finished.

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