New Jewel

The new script Fucker Necklace is up on my sale sites and ready to rumble. Look at and or buy them here and here.  A ring in the same design is on its way as well.  It should be up by the end of the week.


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Anomaly Loves

Carrie M. Becker's "Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse" blows my mind in the best way imaginable. It is a miniature world made from re-purposed 1/6th scal doll accessories with other handmade items. Often when I make my jewelry I feel as though I am making miniature people, animals, and objects for a wonderful small world that I wish existed in large format.  But I have a love of all things small as does Carrie it seems. Check out her work. Every last detail is wonderful and or hilarious.
Barbie hoarder kitchen


Inside my studio

This is the view above my computer.
*The robotic body (crawling) baby with the crown on is one of my favorites in my collection of old things.  I found her at an antique shop called Mystery Spot in Phoenicia, New York.  It was the weekend of my bachelorette party and we were staying at Kate's Lazy Meadows overnight to go tubing the following day down the river.  I highly recommend the accommodations and the shop.  The crown she wears is one that I made for my daughter to wear at her first birthday party.
*The winged doll sculpture is from a trip to Richmond, Virginia. A local artist that I hate to admit I forget the name of made it.  The background is the front part of a Victorian photo album made with velvet and mirror.
*The skull faced doll diorama is one that I made for my husband for some holiday or birthday of sorts.  There is a red bulb under the skull girl's dress that beats light when you press a button.  There are also a couple musical buttons. One of them chimes "You Light Up My Life" and the other is Mr. T singing "Be Somebody (or be somebody's fool)" from his award winning video of the same name.
close up of mechanical baby


Private Stash

    I picked up this pair of snake rhinestone earrings at a flea market. I get tons of jewelry at fleas as going to them are on the top of my list of fun things to do.  I think they are probably from the 40's but I very well could be wrong.  Please let me know if you do.  I am more of an expert at making jewelry than dating it.
    I especially love the way the earring attaches to your ear when wearing it. This is one of only a few pairs of clip-ons I own.



New ring available online in our website shop and our Etsy shop! She is a new addition to an existing collection of Fawn jewelry.


Anomaly Loves...

Jolene Carley McClelland. She is the sole designer and maker behind VraiFaux jewelry. I found and fell in love with her jewels on Etsy. We started talking and made a date to meet up in NYC when she was here on business. Jewelers unite!  What a doll. And what a talent. Look at and buy her jewelry here.
Jolene (left) and me (Karen)


In Progress

This is what you will find on my desk today.  A customer has commissioned me to make a fucker ring much like my Mother Ring and Fucker Necklace.  I have decided once finished to make it a part of the permanent collection Motherlode!  Now you can double fist it with Mother Fucker. Just like you always wanted.


Private Stash

   This is a necklace I put together out of two amazing flea market finds.  The necklace and clasps are from the 19th century. It is sterling and black enamel.  Wasn't sure what to do with it until I came upon this killer sterling silver pocket knife at another flea market. Check out the beautiful engravings in the knife case below.  I fell so in love with this combo that I couldn't part with it and it is now a part of my private collection of jewelry.


In Progress

  Here's what's waiting in the sidelines to be finished or maybe put to rest. They are both wax sculpture models in progress.  The bird is the backside companion piece to the frontside Bird Necklace I just finished.  I'm not sure he needs a companion at all, however, my obsessive compulsive urges to do all versions of an idea compels me to move forward with the back. I will be scratching all the details of the feathers as I did with the first necklace.What do you think? Is it a project you all want to see finished?
  The little doll is also a companion piece to the already existing Scorpio Zodiac Kidz Necklace. I wanted to make a smaller and more affordable option of the same idea. The lobster claw arms (cast from real baby lobster claws found on the beach) will be attached so that they are moveable.  I will post about both or either of these if I decide to complete them.


Inside my studio

                                              View of the back top of my desk/jewelry bench


Private Stash

Here's my left hand. These are the rings I am currently wearing always.  From left to right:
*Skull Ring- from Anomaly's "Bones" collection
*Diamond Solitaire Ring- My engagement ring sized down to fit my pinkie finger.  The diamond is from my Grandmother's Wedding Ring. I made it into the one you see here set with mini diamonds all around it and on the band.
*Snake Ring- My wedding band. I made it.
*Mint Triangle Ring- got it from a kick ass jewelry designer named Virginie Millefiore. I met her at a young designer's market held on Saturday and Sunday's here in NYC on Mulberry Street. You can find her jewelry here.
*Diamond Micro Pave Ring- Got it for myself as my salary bonus a few years back. This is a joke as I employ myself.  I really just bought myself the ring.
*Pink Sapphire eternity band- I got it on ebay.


I spent today looking all over the beading district of N.Y.C for non-precious metal chains.  The search was a success! In the works is all of Anomaly's Collections remade in base metal for more affordable prices than we have now with our precious metal options.  I have always wanted my work to be accessible to as many people as possible. With the crazy prices of silver and gold I was finding that tons of people were getting priced out.  In years past here wasn't cool and well made chains and findings in brass and stainless steel. With the demand from the wholesale industry for affordable metals increasing I am finding that I can now find these cool and well made products.  I can't wait to get it all made and up online for you all to see.