Private Stash

Here's my left hand. These are the rings I am currently wearing always.  From left to right:
*Skull Ring- from Anomaly's "Bones" collection
*Diamond Solitaire Ring- My engagement ring sized down to fit my pinkie finger.  The diamond is from my Grandmother's Wedding Ring. I made it into the one you see here set with mini diamonds all around it and on the band.
*Snake Ring- My wedding band. I made it.
*Mint Triangle Ring- got it from a kick ass jewelry designer named Virginie Millefiore. I met her at a young designer's market held on Saturday and Sunday's here in NYC on Mulberry Street. You can find her jewelry here.
*Diamond Micro Pave Ring- Got it for myself as my salary bonus a few years back. This is a joke as I employ myself.  I really just bought myself the ring.
*Pink Sapphire eternity band- I got it on ebay.

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