Inside my studio

This is the view above my computer.
*The robotic body (crawling) baby with the crown on is one of my favorites in my collection of old things.  I found her at an antique shop called Mystery Spot in Phoenicia, New York.  It was the weekend of my bachelorette party and we were staying at Kate's Lazy Meadows overnight to go tubing the following day down the river.  I highly recommend the accommodations and the shop.  The crown she wears is one that I made for my daughter to wear at her first birthday party.
*The winged doll sculpture is from a trip to Richmond, Virginia. A local artist that I hate to admit I forget the name of made it.  The background is the front part of a Victorian photo album made with velvet and mirror.
*The skull faced doll diorama is one that I made for my husband for some holiday or birthday of sorts.  There is a red bulb under the skull girl's dress that beats light when you press a button.  There are also a couple musical buttons. One of them chimes "You Light Up My Life" and the other is Mr. T singing "Be Somebody (or be somebody's fool)" from his award winning video of the same name.
close up of mechanical baby

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