Last sale of the year!

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FREE SHIPPING through all of December

FREE HOLIDAY SHIPPING now through Christmas!! Just use the coupon code FREESHIP at checkout. Sorry to our valued international customers, but the free shipping promotion is only available for customers in the U.S. 

All U.S. orders placed before December 12th will be guaranteed to arrive by Christmas!!


SALE Biggest Sale of the Holiday Season is happening NOW!

                            The BIGGEST SALE of the Christmas season is happening NOW NOW NOW!! 
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As Seen On T.V.

Anomaly Jewelry's Chevron Bangles can be seen TONIGHT on Law and Order SVU. They will be worn by Lia at the water tower party. Woohooooo.
See and purchase the bracelets HERE: Chevron Bangle


Anomaly Loves

    It was love at first site when I saw the "Oddities" collection of artist Debra Broz.  I have been playing around with mismatched species in my jewelry for years so seeing a fellow artist doing the same in a different medium gets me really pumped.  Check out her amazing statues below. Other collections on her site are equally exciting so do go to her site.


I'm Back!

  This is my first blog entry post partum.  Since this blog is NOT about motherhood or babies I will forewarn you that this post is kinda about both.  This is what it looks like these days when I get a second or two to sit down in my studio:

When I took this photo I intended the focus to be how I had a baby strapped onto me.  After looking at it I only see what a huge mess my work space is.  It's one of those messes that are in complete order to me and only me.

  And here is a picture of the little man we made. He is a tough guy. And his  name is Simon Rocky Yost.  My 3 1/2 year old kid Lulu chose his middle name. It suits him so well that we all just call him Rocky.


Anomaly Loves

    Sergio Mora! I must interrupt my own dead air to showcase an artist that made me feel all sparkly on the inside.  The adorable absurdity in all of his paintings are perfection and I so very much love his cracked paint backgrounds. I spent months in high school mixing my own egg tempera paint in the hopes of achieving this very look.  Find much more of his work here.


Dead Air

So, I guess I have some explaining to do. My blogging duties have been sorely neglected since Christmas. This trend is going to continue as I am currently pregnant with my second child. YAY! FABULOUS! But not so much for Anomaly's blog.  For the next bunch of months I will only be using this space to announce sales and other newsworthy events. Once I have learned how to raise 2 kids I will be back with posts featuring tours of my studio, artists I love and all other things Anomaly.