In Progress

  Here's what's waiting in the sidelines to be finished or maybe put to rest. They are both wax sculpture models in progress.  The bird is the backside companion piece to the frontside Bird Necklace I just finished.  I'm not sure he needs a companion at all, however, my obsessive compulsive urges to do all versions of an idea compels me to move forward with the back. I will be scratching all the details of the feathers as I did with the first necklace.What do you think? Is it a project you all want to see finished?
  The little doll is also a companion piece to the already existing Scorpio Zodiac Kidz Necklace. I wanted to make a smaller and more affordable option of the same idea. The lobster claw arms (cast from real baby lobster claws found on the beach) will be attached so that they are moveable.  I will post about both or either of these if I decide to complete them.

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