metal studio at Buck's Rock camp

  This is where my education and love of metalworking all began.  It is the metal studio at Buck's Rock camp.  I went here starting at 12 and stopped only after having taught as a counselor myself 7 years later.  This weekend was the 70th Reunion of the camp and I went back to celebrate the place that gave me most of what I hold dear today.  I will refrain from a diatribe wherein I discuss how my camp was the best camp with the best people and best activities. But I will ask you this- did your camp let you handle a blowtorch at 12 years old and provide you with the education for your carreer?
soldering table
    I noticed something else upon my return to the metal studio for the first time since being a kid. It is better equipped than my own studio.  Check out a bit of the shop's setup.
hammering and buffing areas
Camper's work
Thank you endlessly for everything, Buck's Rock.

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Leigh Hanna said...

Yes and yes and yes! A perfect description of Buck's Rock!