New cute animal jewelry

Here's a sneak peek at what's new for anomaly in '09: a collection that includes the most adorable motley crew of animals ever.

  • New Tiny (and very reasonably priced!) Fawn - Very similar to our Standing Fawn, but posed differently, sized differently and priced differently!
  • Swans In Love - just in time for Valentine's Day!! Almost too cute
  • Squirrel & Acorn - We are surrounded by them at Anomaly Jewelry's home base in NYC. Rather than think of them as pests, Anomaly chooses to glorify them in silver and gold-plated silver!
  • Pig Head - Just 'cause.
All of these can be found and purchased on www.AnomalyJewelry.etsy.com. In about a week they will also be listed on our regular website www.anomalyjewelry.com.

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