Private Stash

from left, top: Chain Gang Earrings,  Gem Earrings
from left, bottom: Claw Earrings, Lion's Share Earrings

  I unearthed some earrings in my private collection from long retired Anomaly collections.  I still dig these pairs and only retired the collections because of various business related reasons.
 I made the Chain Gang Earrings by cutting and stringing each chain onto the wire oval. This was a time consuming job (see detail photo below.)  I wasn't making much money on these as a result of the   time spent on each pair.  I always want to price my jewelry as low as possible and these earrings wouldn't allow for that. So, bye bye Chain Gang.
Chain Gang Earring
The Gem Collection was cool (so I thought) but it never sold well. So, bye bye Gem Collection.  I love me some nice claws. Here's a detail shot of the Earrings from my Claw Collection:

Claw Earring
Sadly, these earrings were also way too time consuming to make and held very little profit for my business when priced at a number I thought would be sellable. I made them for a while because I loved them so very much.  Eventually I had to disregard my love and think of the business. Arrrrrrrg.  So long Claws.  Finally, there is the Lion's Share Earrings.  This collection was cool and sold well. It had its time in the sun (8 years) and it was time to retire.


The Holy Yost said...

Bring back the Carnival Series.

em said...

I have the same problems, loving to make something that takes 1) forever
2) I only make one of (!) How is it suppose to be done? Besides China..
Love it all !! (and love the blog)