Anomaly just had our summer vacation for the past week. Here's some highlights.
This is a gorgeous ring I found at an antique shop in Brunswick, Maine.  I am dying to do a series of modern remakes of this ring and will probably make a point to do so in the near future.  I wish now that I am home that I had bought it. At the time I made the sensible decision that I had so much jewelry already blah blah blah. Here's a few more shots of some awesome antiques I admired and unwisely did not buy during our week stay in Maine.

To wrap up our vacation I took my daughter Lulu to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. I just recently posted about the awesomeness of Coney Island in general. Once a year there is a parade full of hand made creatures of the sea called the Mermaid Parade and it is by far one of my favorite days of the year.  What makes it so spectacular to me is that I get to be in awe of everyday people's creativity and imagination.  The costumes are INCREDIBLE and hand made by those who wear them and gorgeous. I have made some of my best friends over the years at this parade and I'm so grateful the magic of the day continues on. 
Here's me and my kid. I thought of and made my costume the morning of the parade.  Lulu's costume  was a store bought base with Mom embellished finishings.

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